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Welcome to my snazzy links!

Hey ya'll! Here you can find some other great sites on the web. Have fun!:)

Pages done on me (Amanda DuPre, my stage name)

Amanda DuPre Bio and Information): My bio and fave things. Coming soon: pictures.
Amanda DuPre Albums/Songs: Wav files from my album, album info, and ordering information.
The First Amanda DuPre fanpage: My very first fan page, by Eric James.

Links to other pages I've done
My Michelle Kwan Krazed, Bryan White/Titanic Obsessed World: My Home Page *Updated 1-3-99*
My Michelle Kwan Rulz Page: My Michelle Kwan Page *Updated 1-3-99*
Bryan White- My Crush: My Bryan White Page *New 11-12-98*
SpiceGirlsRock!: My Spice Girls Page
My tribute to the awesome Kate Winslet: My Kate Winslet Page
My Leonardo DiCaprio Shrine: My Leo page
TitanicRox: My Titanic Page
The scoop on the wacky people I associate with: A Tribute to my friends *Updated 12-22-98*
My Report about Michelle from the 1998 World Championships(which I attended): The 1998 Worlds, my story
Webrings: Webrings: get more Links from my Michelle Kwan and Titanic Webrings
Michelle Kwan Links:
The Michelle Kwan Fan Page: Heather W.'s Michelle page, my ABSOLUTE FAVE Michelle link
Michelle Kwan- Beauty and Grace on and off the Ice: A good friend of mine's page
Spirit of A Champion: Another one of my favorite Michelle links
The Four Divas of Skating: A great page w/t Michelle and some other great skaters.
Heart of a Champion: Chrissy's page
The Unofficial Michelle Kwan Web Page: Natalie's page
Vanessa's Ultimate Figure Skating Page: Vanessa's Page
Jennifer's Michelle Kwan Page:
My Friend's/Family Member's Pages:
The Homepage of Eric James: My friend Eric's page
Welcome to my world!: My friend Niki's page
Welcome to my world: My brother Jason's site